Training & Certification

The training curriculum has been designed as model curriculum and teaching guide for the instruction of the Educational Karate Program (EKP). The training program covers the important essentials of physical and mental self-defense techniques as well as attitudinal practices toward self, others, (e.g. peers, teachers, parents) and anti-violence tactics. The training coordinator is an EKP-trained and certified teacher with experience in physical education or related experience.


The EKP Curriculum

The curriculum was developed by Hidy Ochiai.

The Program covers:


  • The important essentials of physical and mental self-defense techniques,
  • Attitudinal practices toward self and others,
  • Violence prevention strategies, and
  • Skills to prevent the abduction of children.

The curriculum provides a minimum of 100 hours of classroom teaching material. However, the time for teaching may change depending on the teacher’s use of the material and the amount of time devoted to experience in the classroom.

Teachers, as well as students, benefit from EKP. After training, teachers have expressed a sense of empowerment, improved self-esteem, satisfaction with the balance between the physical and mental self-defense techniques, and a feeling of being “recharged” in their teaching efforts.

EKP Level 1 Training Procedures for Teachers

Stage 1 Initial Training: Nine hours, usually done in three 3-hour increments according to teacher’s schedule. Training takes place in the school gym, with one instructor per teacher (1:1). Materials required: flip chart and marker.

After completion of the nine hours of training, the teachers take a test which consists of:


  • Physical demonstration of acquired skills
  • Capability of relating those skills verbally and physically to students
  • Demonstration of mental comprehension of learned material and philosophy of the program

This test/review is based on verbal and physical presentation rather than written questions, however, a written test is given at the time of re-certification after one year in order to assure consistency, and to avoid error or false interpretation. The EKP Certificate is presented after completion of the nine hours of training.

Stage II – Six Month Refresher Course:

A one hour refresher class is given. Self-defense techniques and lesson plans are reviewed.

Stage III – One Year Re-Certification

Each EKP certified teacher must submit his or her instructor’s card for renewal annually. At this time, a written re-certification quiz is given, accompanied by a scheduled review session.

EKP Level II and III

After completion of EKP Level I, teachers also have the option to go on to Level II and Level III. The curriculum of those levels progresses respectively and has Level I as a base.



The training cost per teacher includes: The Instructor Guide, The Grade-Specific Lesson Plans, NYS Standards Curriculum Aligned Rubric, Hidy Ochiai’s Self-defense for Kids, support training video, and EKP T-shirt, instructor’s identification clip, EKP Certificate, and follow-up from an EKP trainer.

EKP meets Standards 1, 2 and 3 of the NYS Learning Standards for Physical Education and Professional Standards for Teachers, and the National Standards for Physical Education 1 through 7.


Program Cost:

Training cost per teacher is $900. Teachers are trained in groups of 6 or more at a school of their choice within their own district. The training consists of 9 hours.