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A Way To Victory:

The Annotated Book of Five Rings


Woodstock & New York
Copyright © Hidy Ochiai 2001
ISBN 1-58567-038-3

Paperback- 162 Pages with
Black and White Photographs and Color Inserts
$16.95 – Currently Out of Print

Although it was written over 300 years ago as a treatise on strategy in combat, Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings is heralded today as a classic work that speaks equally to the artisan, the philosopher, the businessperson, the athlete, educator and student. In A Way to Victory, Hidy Ochiai–a native of Japan and a legend in the martial arts world who has devoted his life to the art of iaido and the teachings of Musashi–provides both a new translation of the Book of Five Rings and annotations that clarify the text’s lessons in strategy for the contemporary reader.

Ochiai’s new translation represents a seven-year effort not only to render the wisdom and spirit of Musashi’s timeless teachings, but to painstakingly maintain the completeness and precision of his original words. Ochiai then follows the five volumes of the book with an in-depth analysis of each section’s theme, offering the work as a constructive method of overcoming life’s challenges.

B. W. Robinson, British author, renowned authority on Asian art (especially the Japanese sword and Japanese prints), wrote Master Ochiai upon receiving a copy of A Way to Victory… “I found the introductory sections admirably clear, instructive and eminently readable. I was much impressed by the splendidly bold calligraphy of the section headings; are these, I wonder, from your own brush?”

Raymond Sosnowski, former director of the Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts in Ontario, author and frequent contributor to the Journal of Japanese Sword Arts, has called A Way to Victory… “The new standard in translations.”

Dr. Eric Scott, a Professor of Business Management at Florida University has made the book “mandatory reading in his logic and strategic planning classes,” and goes on to say his “…students are fascinated by the clarity of the thought process of the book.”

Meik Skoss, author, editor and contributor to the Aikido Journal, as well as highly respected practitioner of traditional Japanese martial arts wrote “A number of years ago, I wrote a column on the classical martial arts for Aikido Journal magazine. Part of that series was an article on those books that I thought were of high quality, both for specific technical and general information.† Conspicuous in its absence were any of the then current translations of Miyamoto Musashi’s classic guide to martial strategy and swordsmanship, the Go rin no sho (The Book of Five Rings). I am happy to say that that gap has now been filled, and most admirably.† A Way to Victory: The Annotated Book of Five Rings is a translation of Musashi’s work by Hidy Ochiai. Ochiai has meticulously translated each of the sections and provided explanatory end notes that help a reader… Moreover, Ochiai has managed to convey the essence–as best as I can determine from the (ancient) Japanese text–of what Musashi said–and that is a very commendable accomplishment.”


2003 – Priest Baba, the Zen priest
of the temple at Reigando (Kyushu, Japan),
holding A Way To Victory, presented as a gift
from Hidy Ochiai to the temple’s museum.



Hidy Ochiai’s Complete Book of Self-Defense


Copyright © Hidy Ochiai 1991
ISBN 0-8092-4055-6
Paperback Only
340 Pages with Black and White Photographs
$18.95 – Currently Out of Print

Karate students of all ages, levels, and abilities will learn to perfect each kind of karate technique under the personal instruction of acclaimed karate superstar Hidy Ochiai in this dynamic book. Packed with nearly 1,000 instructional photos, Hidy Ochiai’s Complete Book of Self-Defense expertly guides you from the essential basics through the most advanced self-defense moves.

You’ll learn:

  • Hundreds of ways to use hands, arms, feet, and legs as defensive weapons through knife-hand strikes, lunge punches, back-fist thrusts, hook kicks, and more.
  • Scooping, crescent-knee, palm-heel, and chicken-head blocks to thwart opponents.
  • Self-defense from all sides of the body and from all positions–standing, sitting, and lying down.
  • Techniques for performing kata (forms) with strength, grace, and vitality, as well as ways to analyze their underlying meaning.
  • Application at will of karate’s prearranged techniques and kata movements to any self-defense situation–even when fighting off four opponents or a gun-wielding attacker.

Ochiai’s lessons for becoming a “true” martial artist through the cultivation of mental and spiritual strength are an exciting bonus. His exercises are designed to help practitioners increase their self-discipline, concentration, confidence, and respect for themselves and others.



Self-Defense For Kids - cover

Hidy Ochiai’s Self-Defense For Kids:

A Guide For Parents and Teachers


Copyright © Hidy Ochiai 1999
ISBN 0-8092-2893-9
Paperback Only
218 Pages with Black and White Photographs
$16.95 – Currently Out of Print

In this unique book, parents and teachers will find a complete program for building strong kids, inside and out. From dodging bullies on the playground to avoiding dangerous situations of any kind, a basic knowledge of self-defense will benefit every child. In this ground breaking guide, world famous Master Hidy Ochiai shows parents and teachers how to teach children to stay safe and feel secure in any situation. From self-respect to self-defense, you’ll learn how to instill the confidence and know-how every child needs to respond effectively to any threatening confrontation. Hidy Ochiai’s Self-Defense for Kids is a textbook for EKP (Educational Karate Program). Self-Defense for Kids is written by Hidy Ochiai with his oldest son Derek Ochiai, M.D., who is an orthopedic surgeon in Washington D.C. and was a two-time National and seven-time All-American Karate Champion.




Hidy Ochiai’s Living Karate


Chicago & New York
Copyright © Hidy Ochiai 1986
ISBN 0-8092-4841-7
Paperback Only
153 Pages with Black and White Photographs
$9.95 – Currently Out of Print









The Essence Of Self-Defense


Chicago & New York
Copyright © Hidy Ochiai 1979
ISBN 0-8092-7378-0, 0-8092-7377-2
Paperback and Cloth Hard Cover
153 Pages with Black and White Photographs
$13.95 – Currently Out of Print