Washin-Ryu Karate Headquarters and Administrative Offices

Washin-ryu Headquarters’ 10,000 square foot facility has been the primary Washin-ryu dojo since its construction in 1973. It is currently the site for Washin-ryu seminars, certifications and tournaments.

The building holds the offices of Hidy Ochiai Ltd., the parent corporation of Washin-ryu, as well as the offices the Hidy Ochiai Foundation and the Educational Karate Program (EKP).

Washin-ryu Headquarters
317 Vestal Parkway West
Vestal, New York 13850

Please contact the Headquarters office with questions about Washin-ryu, the Hidy Ochiai Foundation, or EKP.

Phone: 607.748.8480
email: foundation@hidyochiai.org

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