Washin-Ryu Karate-Do

Hidy Ochiai is the founder (soke) of Washin-ryu Karate-Do, which offers traditional Japanese martial arts at its highest level. Centered on the principles of Budo (the martial way) respect, honor, and self-development, Washin-ryu sets a path for increased mental strength and physical skill. For more than 45 years, Master Ochiai has taken a holistic approach to martial arts practice that guides students to realize their potential.

The centuries old tradition of Japanese martial arts has its roots in two distinct disciplines: one, jutsu or jitsu, the technique of self-defense or “martial craft” (how to best defeat an enemy) and two, Do, the “way of life,” an art and practice of cultivating a better mind and self.

Master Ochiai’s renowned training and teaching model in Washin-ryu Karate-Do places an equal emphasis on the development of mind and body; so that one truly can become the master of the self. To that end, Master Ochiai emphasizes a self-paced training program to achieve the best results for each student.

In our classes, students practice kata (form), prearranged situational self-defense techniques, sport-sparring, and strength and flexibility drills, immersing themselves in the full range of the traditional martial arts training. We welcome students of all ages (4 and up) and all abilities to begin training and discovering the personal rewards that traditional martial arts can bring to their lives.



pinetreeYielding tireless and evergreen, the pine tree is the symbol of Washin-ryu and denotes Simple Beauty, Inner Strength and Eternal Wisdom

~Hidy Ochiai