EKP Certified Teacher Testimonials

“We have included EKP in our mandatory grade 9-10 program, our elective 11-12 program., and our adaptive program which serves a population of students with a variety of disabling conditions.

Training in EKP and the addition of EKP to our curriculum has been enlightening to our staff and our students. My involvement in the EKP, as a student of Hidy Ochiai as well as a teacher in the classroom, has helped me develop and improve as a teacher and a coach. It has refreshed my outlook and provided a means of teaching the ideals which we all realize as essential in our society today. The EKP curriculum and teaching methods help us to develop self-esteem, the ability to concentrate, and confidence in our students. Furthermore, we have promoted a positive attitude toward non-violence and drug abuse prevention. In essence, the EKP program has provided an essential curriculum and teaching method for dealing with the problems of our present day society.

I believe that our students have benefitted greatly from the EKP curriculum. Those students who are doing the right things have received support from this program and those students in need have been empowered, gained self-respect, and shown overall general improvement in attitude.”

D. John Furey, Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, NY


“The training program was clear and methodical. The foundation for the EKP program was well established. The materials handed out as sample lessons were relative to what I learned in class.

When teaching the program in the middle school classes, I felt confident and had no doubts as to what I wanted to accomplish. This can only be attributed to the excellent leadership provided by you and your staff.”

Tracy Carlini, Physical Education Teacher, Maine-Endwell Central School District, Endwell, NY


“This letter is a poor attempt to express our appreciation for what you have given us, through your generosity in sharing with students what you have learned, for your dedication in sharing with students what you have learned, for your dedication to helping people develop confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline, and for the concern that you have shown to people. We very much need today a practical way to develop a person’s inner as well as outer strength and your method of teaching has demonstrated the ability to do just that.”

David L. Lehman, PhD, Principal, Alternative Community High School, Ithaca, NY


“The course has been a great addition to our curriculum. Students have been excited and enthusiastic towards the program. The lessons that are taught and encouraged will enable students to live peaceful and active lifestyles. Physical fitness, self-control and self-confidence, as well as self respect and respect for others, are all included in this program.

Personally I have become a stronger person and better teacher after being associated with Mr. Ochiai and having gone through the training sessions for EKP. Mr. Ochiai has been extremely helpful and available at all times if problems or questions arise. EKP has encouraged anti-violence and anti-drugs, which have been growing problems in school districts today. EKP allows students to learn at their own pace and to only compete against themselves in order to improve their potential.

Students have come back to me after completion of the course and have expressed their experiences as being very positive and helpful. I would encourage all districts to include EKP in their Physical Education curriculum.”

John P. DeMeo, Teacher of Physical Education, Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, NY


Student Testimonials

“I think that this is the only useful thing we learn in gym class. When in my life am I going to need ultimate frisbee? This is something I might actually use some day. I enjoy this, it’s something new. It has not changed my views of myself, but I’m sure it has helped some people.”


“I really like doing the self defense unit because we learn how to get out of tough situations. It makes me feel more in control of my life and feel better about myself.”


“This class has been lots of fun and it’s helping me to get along with my peers better and feel more self-confident.”


“I think that this program is great. It really teaches you how to get away in any situation that is needed and it also teaches you self-control. I think that every girl should take a class like this and learn how to be self-defensive. This is a great program. Keep it up.”


“I enjoy self-defense alot. I am not sure it it’s helping me because I have never been in a situation where I’ve needed self-defense. It has helped me in general though, with my self-discipline and self-control.”




Letters from New York State Leaders


Pictured left to right: NY Governor George Pataki,
EKP Hidy Ochiai, NYS Senator Thomas Libous,
Lt. Governor Mary Donahue









From State Senator Thomas W. Libous

April 23, 1993

Dear Hidy:

I want to congratulate you for establishing the Educational Karate Program. This creative program has been a positive influence on young people throughout the State.

The Educational Karate Program serves as an exceptional model for other programs by demonstrating the benefits for all citizens, especially our youth, on the merits of building a healthy and active lifestyle.

I also want to salute your tireless commitment to educating our residents about the negative consequences that always result from abusing alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Your Educational Karate Program has been particularly effective with our area’s youth.

In appreciation of all your efforts, it was a pleasure for me to issue a “Senatorial Proclamation” saluting you for a job well done.


From State Assemblyman Bob Warner (excerpt)

August 15, 1994

“The Educational Karate Program (EKP) is one of excellent merit that I believe should be pursued by all educational facilities in New York State.”


From New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, Executive Director Isabel Mills (excerpt)

“I am pleased to acknowledge the Educational Karate Program (EKP) model of behavior management as a means of increasing the inclusion and school success of children and youth with developmental disabilities.”


From New York State Senator John R. Kuhl, Jr. (excerpt)

“Your program not only gives children the knowledge and tools they need to defend themselves from potential abusers and abductors – in addition to a large measure of self-esteem and discipline. With society’s current trend of increasingly violent behavior, programs like yours that teach our youth how to be victors rather than victims are of great value to our future.”


From New York State Senator James L. Seward (excerpt)

“The Educational Karate Program demonstrates the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, with self-discipline as the cornerstone.”


An Article from Sharing Success,

A Newsletter about Educational Programs that Work for NYS Schools – Winter 1998

Often times the best endorsement of Sharing Success comes from the folks who use our programs. In this issue, we have compiled “testimonies” from principals, teachers and parents on the impact of Sharing Success programs on schools and students.

Educational Karate Program

Submitted by Mr. Joe Bramante, Physical Education Director, Maine-Endwell High School

General/School Impact

With this program learning is integrated into other subject areas. The Educational Karate Program (EKP) also teaches drug avoidance. It has been well worth the commitment. Some people originally felt that if we taught kids defense, it would increase the amount of fights in the schools. However, this has proven to be absolutely not true. To the contrary, the EKP promotes an attitude against violence.

District Impact/Support

The Educational Karate Program is successfully taught in the district and is being implemented in every school, grades K-12.